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Currently, very few homes in our community have all or most of the main features of Universal Design: no-step entry; single-floor living; extra-wide doorways and halls; and accessible electrical controls, switches, and lever-style door and faucet handles.

The Lifelong Housing certification provides you a set of standards you can trust that ensures your home is a safer and more accessible home for you and your visitors.

  1. o-SENIOR-AT-BANK-facebookObtain the Lifelong Housing checklist from RVCOG.
  2. Review it with your contractor or builder and incorporate the desired features from the design phase into your newly-constructed or remodeled home.
  3. Contact the LLH Inspector
  4. Receive Lifelong Housing certificate
  5. If the home is for sale, the LLH Program contacts SOMLS.

The fees for this process are minimal:  approximately $150 for the inspection and $35 for issuing the certificate.

Lifelong Housing certification is the voluntary process of evaluating a home against a checklist of Universal Design standards.  Once the home has been determined to meet one of the three levels, a certificate is issued to the home-owner and, if the home is for sale, the certification is recorded on the Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service (SOMLS).  An important aspect of the program is education about the value of Lifelong Housing to homeowners and professionals in the field of housing.