Who can benefit?

Exercise gives you energy

The Certification can benefit just about everyone.


Chances are your present  home won’t accommodate your needs forever. Perhaps it’s the stairs or the bathtub or maybe the lighting.  The Lifelong Housing certification can help adapt your home to meet your needs as well as those who visit you.

Rental Owners:

By achieving the LLH certification your rental homes will not only be safer for those living in them but more marketable to potential renters.

Building/Design/Contractor Industry:

Offering LLH certified homes in your portfolio can offer an edge over your competition. Nearly 10,000 people are turning 65 every day and housing currently does not meet their lifestyle demands. Given that there is typically very little additional cost to implement these design elements, the LLH certification just makes good business sense.


Learning to recognize the potential benefits of LLH certified homes for your clients will ensure that you’re acting in their best interest. There is now a new category on the Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service to alert potential buyers of LLH certified homes.