What Exactly is Lifelong Housing?

Simple Solutions for Comfortable, Safe and Convenient Living

The Lifelong Housing Certification project was developed to help us think differently about home design. The certification criteria include simple and cost-effective features that homeowners and builders can do to make a home comfortable, safe and livable. A home can be built or remodeled to support your needs and lifestyle at any age by using simple Universal Design principles.
A home certified for lifelong living is comfortable, safe from falls and convenient for everyone–from visiting toddlers or grandfathers.
The Lifelong Housing Certificate can provide you reassurance that your home is free of common barriers to mobility found in most homes today. When included in the design phase, Lifelong Housing features and often and little or no additional cost. Why not make a home more functional and safe?
All Lifelong Housing Certification is done by a licensed inspector. Based on the assessment, the home is certified at one of three levels and the home is added to the Rogue Valley Council of governments Lifelong Certified Housing database. The owner is given a certificate. The database is available to Realtors and potential home-buyers and renters. The certification may be indicated on the Southern Oregon MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which will serve as an alert to potential buyers to obtain additional information regarding the level of certification.